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Burna Boy Is Not In Good Terms With His Zodiac Sign

Grammy award-winning artiste, Burna Boy isn’t on good terms with his Zodiac sign #Cancer.


Nigerian most successful and biggest African artists posted on his IG story, about his Zodiac sign and the traits attached to it how frustrating it is. According to Burna Boy, being a Cancer is stressful and definitely not as exciting as other signs.  he also said that it isn’t much of a big deal that he is getting used to it.

The zodiac sign “Cancer” is attributed to people born within the range of June 21- July 22 and Burna Boy’s birthday is on the 2nd of July.

According to some research, Cancers have a reputation for being hyper emotional, temperamental, and spiteful, and are devoted and extremely fond of their loved ones often to an unhealthy degree. they will go a great length to defend their love ones.

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