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Naija Music List is a music platform site to encouraging the art and discipline of songwriting and music production. Our primary focus is to find great artist while helping them network with professionals in the music industry. For over the years Naija Music List has continued to be a leader in offering artist great opportunities through the contest and by networking the top writers with music insiders. Music’s submissions are judged by a panel of music professionals and members vote. The preliminary-judging staff consists of individuals who have showed leadership in music related fields as well as notable songwriters.

Music Contest Opportunities

In every contest, we select one winner and three finalists from the final stage (multiple songs can be submitted, one accepted for finalist). Those songs are sent out to major/minor labels, publishers, entertainment attorneys, music managers and many other outlets who we have relationships with. These are resources who have agreed to review the top music. As a stage “winner” or “finalist”, your information will be distributed accordingly for further consideration. Should there be interest in your material, our resources will contact you directly (all offers, deals and other agreements are conducted directly between you and the interested organization). All entries submitted into the contest will remain 100% the ownership of the songwriter. When it has been determined that you are a “stage winner” in any of the three stage. It is possible to place as a winner in multiple stages. The Naija Music List contest offers three stages so that everyone has a submission stage that best fits their music style. The three stages are: selection stage, voting stage and Video Final stage. For more specific answers to your questions, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions section.

Our Vision

Music Connects People.

Whether you are an Artist, a Music Lover or an Industry Player, Naija Music List is the perfect home for your sound.  Distribute your tracks for contest, discover new artists, collaborate internationally and challenge yourself. In the end, it’s all about music.

Welcome to the home of Afro-beat

Build your career through a unique gamified system, distribute your music, plug all your socials and get discovered through unique competitions.

Discover fresh new music, connect with like-minded people, support and scout new artists, be part of the evolution of music.

Find new talent via tailor made competitions, engage with an eclectic, young audience and get access to advanced analytics.

*Music Users: These are the supporters of music, who like it new, fresh and with the wrapper still on it. The people who are unafraid to follow their hearts and ears to the root of new music.



Your music everywhere}

Digital distribution is here and we provide the full works. Artists can distribute their material directly to all the major e-commerce and streaming sites directly via Naija music list. 100% of the revenue generated? That’s all yours.


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Where the Magic really happens

At Naija music list Music are always on the hunt to help and develop fresh new talent. We have a dedicated international team of key industry players with a wealth of experience who constantly monitor our site to find the music of tomorrow.
Naija Music List -One Afro-beat, One Platform, One Audience, One Industry, One You.